Welcome to Asia-Pacific Caregiver and Healthcare Training Center

Giving care to the World...from the Heart

Asia-Pacific Caregiver and Healthcare Training Center is one of the most reliable and innovative healthcare training institutions in the country today. It offers world-class healthcare skills training, designed to make our graduates globally competitive. APC&HTC was established in December 2002, duly registered by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), and accredited by Technical Education Skills and Development Authority (TESDA).


1. To provide world-class healthcare knowledge and skills training to help our graduates obtain employment globally or locally,

 and to better serve the healthcare needs of their own families.

2. To provide as a solution to the increasing needs of our aging planet with love and compassion.

3. To provide quality infant and childcare to families.


To see a world-class caregiver in every home, in every country.


A Reality

Now, in the early 21st century, the population is aging at an astonishing rate. As the “baby boomers” reach retirement age the need to provide for their healthcare needs is increasingly becoming an issue.

At Asia Pacific Caregiver and Healthcare Training Center (APC&HTC), we are aware of this global trend. Governments, NGOs and other concerned sectors are attempting to address this matter by allocating more resources to elderly healthcare needs and facilities. However, one question remains pressing:

Who will care for the elders?

Given the economic and cultural environment in many countries, the elderly are often left alone at home, or sent to nursing homes. With the dwindling number of enrollees in healthcare education in first-world countries, the essential task of caring for patients are increasingly being filled by immigrants, especially from Southeast Asia, whose natural caregiving instincts combined with industrious and compassionate work habits make them ideal caregivers for the young and the old.

A Solution

“A caregiver in every home, in every country…”

This statement perfectly describes the vision of Asia Pacific Caregiver and Healthcare Training Center (APC&HTC). We care and are conscious of the needs of our aging planet. Thus, we firmly believe that by teaching, training and developing our students into world-class caregivers and nursing assistants, we are helping to provide the world with a realistic and pragmatic solution.

At APC&HTC, we are dedicated to the continuous development and improvement of our curriculum in order not only to keep up with, but stay ahead of the ever changing demands and challenges which caregivers face, whether one is a caregiver for his or her own family at home, or employed at a client’s home, at a healthcare institution, or in a foreign country. Yes, you can live and work legally in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, and other countries. At Asia-Pacific Caregiver and Healthcare Training Center, we aim to professionalize the art and science of caregiving to serve, love, and show compassion for our aging planet, and/or infant and children.

That is what our students want to personify – Giving care to the world from the heart.


  • APC&HTC produces competent and compassionate graduates who go beyond the requirements of their potential employers.

  • APC&HTC maintains a small student to teacher ratio, state of the art facilities, and practical hands-on training to ensure each student receives an

    individually-catered, innovative, personal learning experience.

  • APC&HTC offers affordable training fees with 0% interest installment payment schemes.

  • APC&HTC maintains a strong Student Care Services Department to cater to the needs of its students and graduates.

  • APC&HTC continuously builds and maintains relationships, both locally and abroad, to assist in finding more opportunities and resources for its students.

  • APC&HTC continuously broadens its horizons to expand opportunities for its graduates and strategic partners.