Health Care Services NC II

What is a Healthcare Service Provider? Is it the same with a Caregiver?

Healthcare Service Providers have a lot of work alternatives. They can work in assisted living facilities, hospice, residential care centers, retirement centers, clinics, hospitals, day care facilities, doctor's office, etc. They work closely with medically ill patients. They can also perform responsibilities of a Caregiver.
Caregivers have less working alternatives. They are generally hired to work at a client's home. They might also find jobs in nursing homes or retirement commmunities. Caregivers are eligible to help patients, suffering from mild dementia, but no medical conditions. These professionals cannot perform the duties of a Healthcare Service Provider.

Is Certified Nursing Assistant the same as Nursing Assistant?

No. A Certified Nursing Assistant is a graduate of a Nursing Assistant Program and has passed State Certification Examination administered by the State Department of Health Services.

Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit. As long as you are qualified and capable to do the work you can become a Healthcare Service Provider.

Where can I use the Health Care Services NC II training?

Aside from hospitals, they have a lot of employment opportunities where they can apply for work and these are the following:

Sub-Acute Care Agencies

  • Nursing Homes / Long-Term Care Facilities / Extended Care Facilities

  • Adult Day Health Care Centers

  • Mental Health Agencies

  • Doctor’s Offices

  • Hospice Care

  • Respite Care

  • Home Assisted Living

  • Home Health Care

  • Board and Care

  • Convalescent Home

  • Private Home

  • I don’t have any plans of going abroad, will the training still help me?

    Health Care Services NC II training also provides employment opportunities here in the Philippines. More importantly, you can now apply your basic nursing skills to the healthcare needs of your own family members.