Hilot ( Wellness Massage ) NC II

What is Hilot Wellness Massage Program?

Hilot is a specific and traditional type of massage that provides both therapeutic and relaxation effects to clients.

What is the difference between Hilot Wellness Massage and Massage Therapy?

Hilot is a specific and a traditional type of massage that uses Bentosa and other Traditional Filipino Hilot Massage (Dagdagay, Banana Leaf Scanning, and the Tradtional Hilot) while Massage Therapy is composed of different types of massage (Thai Massage, Shiatsu, Aromatherapy, etc.).

What are the job opportunities for Hilot Wellness Massage Program?

You can work part-time or full-time at wellness facilities, salons, spas, resorts and elderly homes or build your own SPA business.

Where is OJT conducted?

OJT is being conducted either in-house (inside APC&HTC) or at nearby Barangays.

What are the advantages of training Hilot Wellness Massage at APC&HTC?

There are many advantages of having your Hilot training at APC&HTC. Below are the following:

  • APC&HTC massage trainers are Licensed PT and Licensed MT.

  • APC&HTC uses modern facilities.

  • APC&HTC offers the best quality of training.

  • APC&HTC provides the best place for OJT.