Hire an Asia-Pacific Graduate

Are you looking for a Skilled, Compassionate and Professional individuals to address your specific needs?

With APC&HTC, employers from local and international health care institutions and private home settings can directly hire our highly-qualified graduates through our HIRE OUR GRADUATES link.

And now, there is a faster, easier and more practical way to get the right people you need.

Save Time!

No need to sort through a horde of resumes from applicants who may or may not be qualified. With one phone call, we can begin compiling a list of eligible candidates to fill your positions.

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We are not an employment agency, yet we offer the same services at no cost!

Get the right person you need!

Employers recruit at Asia-Pacific because they know they will find a talented pool of career-ready graduates.

Our graduates have:

  • Solid Academic preparation

  • Substantial hands-on experience

  • Firm Dependability

  • Strong work ethics

  • Caring and compassionate attitudes

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