Success Stories

Roxanne Plandex
I find AP good and understanding. Now that I am in Canada 8 months to be exact. I am using all the skills Asia Pacific taught me. I am happy while earning good money.

Roxanne Plandez
Nursing Assistant Graduate
Caregiver Batch 2010 | Vancouver, Canada

Jonnalyn Manimtim
I phoned a lot of schools and caregiver training centers. Among them, I decided to enroll at Asia Pacific as they accommodated me very well even just through phone call. I am working now as a child caregiver here in Brampton Ontario Canada. I truly believe that Asia Pacific is the choice that I and the rest of the students will never regret.

Jonnalyn Manimtim
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Marketing
Caregiver Batch 2010 | Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Lindsay Madlangbayan
“Giving care to the world..from the heart” indeed when I was at Asia, I really learned the true value of this tag line of their institution. From this training center, we are not just taught how to be a good and competitive caregiver but a person who works with heart. True dedication and commitment are the things that have been taught to us. My stay at Asia mold me to be a confident caregiver that every Filipino will be proud of. Thank you Asia for being part of my life.

Lindsay Madlangbayan
Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy
Caregiver Batch 2010 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Ginalyn Alano
Thank you Asia Pacific for giving me the best training for caregiving. It was indeed a big help in my stay here in Singapore. Thank you!

Ginalyn Alano
Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
Caregiver Batch 2010 | Singapore

Chrisanta Castro Fernandez
Thanks Asia Pacific, for molding me to become a “magaling” and confident caregiver. I’m working here in Hongkong for almost 2 yrs now and I can say that the skills that Asia Pacific has taught me were very useful. Sa trainers ko dyan, I salute you guys, sa iba pang staff ng AP, continue to be kind and very accommodating.

Chrisanta Castro Fernandez
Units in College
Caregiver Batch 2010 | Happy Valley, Hongkong

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