In line with our government's


from Covid-19 guidelines to protect and keep our people safe, we at Asia-Pacific Caregiver & Healthcare Training Center have designed and developed , the 1st TESDA-Accredited Caregiver NC II Blended (on-line + face-to-face) Training Program in Quezon City.
We strongly believe that more than ever, the value of acquiring Healthcare knowledge & skills should be pursued not only for gaining employment in foreign countries, but our own families can hugely benefit from the various lessons & modules taught in our TESDA-Accredited Caregiver program. Therefore, learning should not stop just because of this dreadful Covid-19 Pandemic. We have used the Google classroom system as a platform to reach virtually any place in our country, and we have also hired the services of a professional IT Software & Applications company to bring to our students Asia-Pacific Caregiver & Healthcare Training Center's nearly twenty years of expertise and experience.

Thank you, we'll be expecting to talk/see you soon. Stay safe always, GOD bless!